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Active E-Type Targets

Slide the Pullover Sleeve over your E-Type plastic target substrate to practice with your new target and improve your IR optics. The greatest advantage of these Active E-Type targets is that they can be easily replaced to match your training requirements. The target color can be adjusted based on your contrast setting of optics. These affordable thermal targets are the perfect preparation for that critical shot.

  • X3 – Passive Thermal E-Type
  • Dimensions: 20′ x 40′
  • Peel and Stick
  • No Tilt Thermal
Active E-Type Targer - Internal Energy Thermal Markers
Thermal Target - Internal Energy

Photo Realistic Passive Targets

These cost-effective passive targets offer a practical way to train without relying on external power sources. Simply peel and apply the backer to your substrate, and you’ll be able to refine your accuracy and IR optics performance with ease. Targets appear in both black and white, depending on your contrast setting, and they’re an excellent, budget-friendly tool for honing your shooting skills in preparation for that crucial shot. Additionally, we offer a wide range of customizable shapes and designs to suit your team’s individual needs.

2d Passive Pull Over Sleeve

Internal Energy Targets material is a peel and stick medium that provides excellent performance when viewed through a thermal scope or camera. Our targets offer high contrast and exceptional visibility, without requiring any tilting, thanks to the use of a thermal imager. We are pleased to be the only NO TILT Target available in the market today! Our thermal targets can be viewed in any weather condition, day or night, and hot or cold temperature, with NO TILT. Additionally, our thermal targets require no external power source to generate thermal signatures, reducing training costs compared to powered electronic targets that need batteries, cables, and connectors.

  • S2-3D Passive Ivan Sleeve
  • Dimensions: 20″x40″x6″
  • No Tilt Thermal
  • Also avaliable is S Type
2d Passive Pull Over Target
Thermal Steel Paint - Internal Energy Solutions

Thermal Steel Paint

Internal Energy Soltuion proudly presents steel paint.  Call or email today for pricing.

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